This is a recording of a webinar that was broadcast on 24th April 2020. The webinar was designed for associations and discussed how to create value for sponsors and exhibitors when using online, and specifically virtual, events.

The speakers were:

Co-chair and Formats: Rob Eveleigh, Managing Director, Brightelm [Click here for slides]

Co-chair: Gabrielle Mouterde, Events Manager, ISUOG

A Sponsors Perspective: Dolores Cantelli, Global Senior Marketing Manager, Philips [Click here for slides]

Data: Pritesh Mawdia, Head of Technical Support & Development, Shocklogic [Click here for slides]

Compliance: Caroline MacKenzie, Director and Owner, re for slides]Global Association Partners, and Operations Director for Open Audience [Click here for slides]

Audience engagement platform was provided by Open Audience