Virtual Event Management

There are many ways in which we can help you deliver a better virtual conference.  Good virtual event management is all about how we achieve effective engagement with your attendees.

You’ve heard of “Zoom” fatigue, but not of “Netflix” fatigue.  Why is that?

Focussing on the experience of your attendees is of paramount importance.  Wouldn’t it be great if all your virtual attendees were as engaged as the ones in the picture below?

Group attending an online meeting

An online event is completely different to a live one, so we need to treat it is as such.  Panel discussions, round-tables and meet-the-speaker sessions, anything that requires attendees to be an active participant will improve your engagement.

Online formats are much less forgiving their live counterparts.  If you say you’re starting at 11, you’d better be online at 11, on the dot.  Your attendees will be forgiving of their own technical issues but much less of your own.

Providing advice on virtual event platforms

You may be overwhelmed with the amount of choice available to you over formats, platforms or engagements tools, or it might simply be a case that you need someone to deliver your events for you.  Just as is the case with live events, the effective delivery of anything online requires experience, practice and lots of planning.

Live virtual event management support

You’d bring in an expert to deliver something that you had no experience delivering, so surely you should do so for online events?

Whether you are considering delivering webinars, large conferences or hybrid (live and online) events, we can help.

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How we can help:

Technical consultation – finding the right platform to meet your requirements

Build and design of online engagement tools

Speaker and facilitator training and orientation

Live event and production support

Video and audio editing

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