Our Ethics

The ethics and business decisions of our organisation are led by our belief that we only work for our clients.

“Doing the right thing” is the guiding principle of our work. We only work in a financially transparent “open-book” manner. As a result our clients always see the exact cost of a service. Our fees are always separate because we do not engage in mark-ups or hidden commissions. This means that you can always be confident that we are only working for you.

Any commissions that are from time to time offered by suppliers will be used to offset the fees we charge for our work.

Human Resources

Brightelm pays its team members in excess of the National Living Wage. All team members within the business are also enrolled in a “share of profit” bonus scheme, so we’re all aligned with the same common goal of doing a great job for our clients.

All our team members take a minimum of 35 hours of continued professional education per annum in order to stay up to date with movements in our industry.

We promote an inclusive working environment because we believe that inclusivity leads to diversity, which in turn leads to a happier more settled team.

We also promote wellbeing throughout the organisation and support EventWell, the event industry’s social enterprise for wellbeing.


Compliance is a necessary part of modern business across the financial, pharmaceutical and also the medical devices industries.  Our team are fully trained on international pharmaceutical compliance to recognised standards by Compliant Venues Ltd, and are fully versed in the ABPI, EphMrA and MedTech Europe codes of conduct.

Supplier Sourcing

One of the reasons you use us is that we maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers. We only engage with suppliers who themselves run their business in an ethical fashion.  They pay the National Living Wage (or equivalent if overseas) and have sustainability ingrained within their culture.

When sourcing suppliers our aim is to provide you with three appropriate quotes for each requirement along with our recommendations. These are based on our experience of working with our suppliers together with the value proposition of their product or service.