In Control behind the scenes

At Brightelm we ensure your event is carefully planned and coordinated, right down to the most basic elements.  When you cut our logistics team open, they have “attention to detail” written through them like a stick of rock.  We understand that your event reflects your organisation and we want to help you create the best impression.  Good logistical management forms the foundation of a successful event, and we have everything covered – from venue sourcing, people management, food and beverage requirements and transportation to onsite staffing and third-party contractors.

Logistical management can sometimes feel overwhelming, with so many different aspects all crying out for attention at once.  However, like the conductor of an orchestra, Brightelm are experts at coordinating all these separate elements so they come together as one.  We form the central point of communication and leadership for all logistical requirements, and our team will ensure that everything is in the right place, at the right time – be it setting up equipment, checking deliveries, distributing materials, managing spaces or shepherding delegates around venues.

Preparation is everything

Brightelm take a risk out of risk-management, so you will feel confident that potential problems have been anticipated and preparations have been made.  We will take the lead on all matters relating to health and safety and pride ourselves on having the ability to identify and discreetly troubleshoot problems, often before you even realise there’s an issue.

Organisational and Logistical Services offered:

  • Source on contract venues, transportation, food and beverages
  • Source and manage third party contractors, additional staff and volunteers
  • Ensure the programme of speakers and events is delivered as planned
  • Manage the influx of delegates, exhibitors and speakers
  • Risk management and health and safety
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues as they arise
  • Run the logistics of the event onsite
  • Provide consistent point of contact through the event
  • Venue management
  • Printing and signage
  • Audio visual requirements

Let us help you with the logistics for your next event.  Contact us for a friendly chat.


Some of the things our team will do for you:

Source and contract venues, food and beverage and transportation
Source and manage additional staff and volunteers to help run your event effectively
Take a lead on health and safety
Run the logistics of the event onsite

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