The value of appointing a project manager to oversee the running of your conference or congress should not be underestimated.  A good project manager will act as the central cog in the giant wheel that is your event.  Here we’ve highlighted a typical scenario that we come across with a list of some of the benefits attached to appointing an expert.

So, you’re a volunteer for an association and you’ve been tasked with organising the annual conference.  You are time poor; you could be a specialist consultant at a local hospital or be a senior manager in your business.  Of course you’ve attended many, many conferences before, all over the world, but you’ve never had to organise one from scratch.

What happens next?

Well firstly we’d suggest appointing a project manager experienced in association conferences.  This person will be able to offer you the following support:

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  • Create a scheduled project plan working with you to identify what needs to be done, when, and by whom. The project manager will ensure you are aware of all key deadlines by keeping track of the plan and working towards agreed deadlines.
  • Establish a framework budget byworking out your expected income and expenditure and what your breakeven point is.  The breakeven point is the minimum number of paid for registrations and sponsors you require in order not to lose money. Regularly revise the budget and make recommendations on releasing further funds to support activities.
  • Manage the tender process for all supply sources, and make recommendations when appropriate.
  • Arrange, attend and record minutes of all organising committee meetings.
  • Liaise with all internal and external departments during the planning and the run up to the event.
  • Take the lead in operating the event onsite leaving you free to focus on your role as congress chair.

From experience the investment more than pays for itself because keeping a tight grip on your costs and timeline means that your conference has a better than average change of success.

You can contact us at any time for help or advice.

by Rob Eveleigh, Managing Director, Brightelm

First published 14th March 2018