2020 has been a year of increasingly moving online so it’s not surprising that technology and platforms are continuously advancing. One platform does not suit all and we’re now, thankfully, starting to see some specialisms start to emerge as a result.  This month, we have put together a blog focusing on three of our favourite platforms that have recently conducted demonstrations with us.

*We know that the proof is in the pudding and we’ve not had an opportunity to test them live yet. These are simply our thoughts on a first glance!

Launch Interactions

Launch Interactions is a platform we are really excited about. The company ran their first online event in 2018 for 20,000 attendees and they have good pedigree because the platform is built using SpotMe technology (who have been around a lot longer). The look and feel of this platform is similar to existing social media platforms, which, in our opinion, makes for a smoother navigation experience.

The platform places an emphasis on improving attendee engagement. Of particular note the e-posters function can be set up in a number of different ways and there are opportunities to make these more interactive. Functions include Q&A, polling, white-boards and discussion notes.

Furthermore, Launch Interactions are live, virtual and hybrid ready. This provides the freedom of moving modes easily without the need to find a new solution and team. Given the uncertainty or the times this is a significant advantage because it takes the pressure out of finalising event formats. Pricing for this platform starts at £6,000 for up to 250 users.

The Virtual Show

Up next is ‘The Virtual Show’. This platform offers extensive opportunities to create customisable and dynamic virtual, hybrid and live events.  As a result, clients can make their events have the same appearance, well as achieving the same outcomes.

Visually, the conference rooms can represent a physical stage with different screens for speakers. The expo halls allow companies to promote their business using videos, posters, live chats and even schedule one-to-one meetings. Networking lounges can be created where attendees can search profiles and connect with each other.  Attendees can also download content, receive awards and tokens and take part in quizzes and polls. Event templates can be used to customise clients’ specifications and agenda.  Pricing varies and is dependent on the diversity and detail required.

Amazon Chime

It seems that Amazon really is taking over the world! Amazon Chime is a relatively new communication service allowing attendees to chat and place business calls in a single application. This service offers audio calling, video calling, messages and screen sharing capabilities.  The service can flex to suit varying needs and easily scale down if required. Attendees can be notified of meetings via their mobile device and a voice connector can be used to set up services. Finally, to avoid switching between applications, all communications are kept into one software .

A ‘pay for what you use’ pricing plan is in place. The rate per minute per attendee is £0.0013.

Authors: Tara Hingston and Jemma Botten