Why did they need our help?

To run an effective event to discuss the regulation of the digital industry.

The plan was to make this event as accessible as possible in order to appeal to both a live and online audience.


What did we recommend?

From the original programme, we recommended a simplification and extension of breaks to allow for adequate networking.

To support the networking, we also recommended the repurposing of a common area into a lounge to allow for enough casual seating during lunch, thereby creating more opportunities for discussion.

We also recommended a change in catering provision, to a fresh and sustainable theme, showing off the skills of the in-house Chef (who was over the moon).


What action did we take?

Having created a plan around having two distinct audiences, with the onslaught of COVID-19 the management team of our client took the decision to make the entire event virtual, albeit with the speakers and panelists still live.

Within 24 hours we re-wrote the agenda to a virtual-only event, wrote to all attendees informing them of the change of plan (with follow-up phone calls).

From a production perspective, we changed the conference room into a TV studio, re-rehearsed with all the speakers to focus on the camera, rather than a live audience.


How their event was successful.

  • Ran an engaging seemless event, without a technical hitch.
  • Attracted over 200 online attendees who watched via YouTube stream, and engaged via Twitter.
  • Donated all waste food to local food distribution charity, which was gratefully received.





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