Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales

Increasing your commercial revenue

Engage with us to increase your sponsorship and exhibition sales.

The best way to increase sponsorship and exhibition sales is to create products your clients need.  Then it’s to build strategic and mutually beneficial relationships with them.

Examples of our work:

Local Government Summit – Recently we worked with a UK city council to develop sponsorship and exhibition sales for a one-off  summit.  By reviewing the prospectus and refining the target market we contracted £180,000 in just 3 months against a target of £150,000. This was coupled with a saving of over £10,000 in fees.  What’s more is that we won an award for this work.

International Medical Association – In the last quarter of 2018 an international cosmetic surgery association asked us to help them increase their exhibition revenue.  By creating new premium products we were able to increase average spend per exhibitor by 60%.  Moreover the total income increased by 40% year-on-year.

National Medical Conference – In the summer of 2018 we consulted with the organiser of a national congress on family medicine in Romania.  In brief, the client wanted to build a sponsorship prospectus for a new congress in Bucharest.  We advised the client on a compliant product structure and an appropriate sales strategy for the event.  As a result the client surpassed their own target.

Find our more about us from our blogs on sponsorship.

We also deliver exhibitions for our clients.  To find out more visit our exhibitions page.

Sponsorship Exhibition Sales

These are some of the ways we can help increase your commercial revenue:

Audit and analyse your existing strategy and make recommendations for improvements.

Write and design a prospectus showing all the opportunities available to your commercial clients.

Work with you to build relationships with existing sponsors and create new ones.

Act as an account manager to ensure relationships are maintained on a long term basis.

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