Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales

We can help you increase your sponsorship and exhibition sales.

When it comes to maximising event sponsorship and exhibition sales we are the experts. Through countless successful projects, we have learned that the best way to increase sponsorship and exhibition sales is by focusing on the audience. We know that exhibitors and sponsors are happiest when their expectations are met. We have a proven track record of exceeding those expectations. Successful outcomes lead to long-term relationships, so placing Brightelm as the link between your organisation and its sponsors will reap lasting benefits.

Focused, experienced and enthusiastic, we will forge mutually beneficial partnerships with your exhibition sponsors and exhibitors. We believe in creating long-standing relationships with sponsors and generating repeat business.

At Brightelm we know that your events depend on exhibitions and sponsorship opportunities to make them viable. As leaders in the field of event sponsorship, we can take the reins and match your organisation with brands who want to reach your audience. You can trust us to secure high profile, professional sponsors who complement your organisation’s values.

We offer a broad range of event sponsorship services, from account management, market research, marketing plans and acquisition work, to the creation of relevant and appropriately priced products.

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Sponsorship Exhibition Sales

How we can help:

Audit and analyse your existing strategy and make recommendations for improvements.

Write and design a prospectus showing all the opportunities available to your commercial clients.

Work with you to build relationships with existing sponsors and create new ones.

Manage sponsorship and exhibition sales.

Act as an account manager to ensure relationships are maintained on a long term basis.

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