The Events Business Healthcheck™

An events audit for associations

Are you sure that your events strategy is in line with your member’s needs?

Are the right people delivering the right elements?

It can often be helpful to have a non-biased external view to delivering an events programme, and Brightelm has developed just the tool to be able to help deliver this for associations and not-for-profit organisations.

What is it?

The Events Business Healthcheck is an audit of your key functions relating to events.  It is a top-level review of the strategy and operation of your events programme.  No strategy?  No problem, we will help you to create a strategy.

Specifically, the audit examines and makes recommendations of your processes and resource allocation across seven key delivery areas:

  • Project Management
  • Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales
  • Event Marketing
  • Content
  • Delegate Services
  • Logistics
  • Exhibition Management


The process involves four stages of work for our experienced consultants:

Stage 1  A day of interviews with key members of your delivery teams representing each of the above areas and request of documentation.

Stage 2  A review of your documentation and processes that have been requested

Stage 3  Consolidation and crafting of the report

Stage 4  Delivery meeting: presentation of key findings, discussing the report and its outcomes


The output of the audit is an analytical report which examines 5-7 criteria for each of the key delivery areas.  Each criterion is assigned a score between 1-5 together with a description of our consultant’s findings.  Each of the key delivery areas then receives an aggregate score, which is turned into a one-page summary report.

An example of how we formulate each criterion is shown below:


brightelm events healthcheck


The report is delivered by email followed by a personal review to discuss the report’s findings and answer any questions.

Just £4,999 plus VAT, subject to travel and subsistence expenses


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