How can events be more effective as a membership recruitment tool?

June 25, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am

The next episode in our 2021 webinar series will explore how we, as membership professionals, can use events to help grow our membership.

Many professional membership organisations have seen their membership dwindle over the past 18 months.  Whether it be budget, doing more with less, or just plain old survival, it appears that continued association membership has been a challenge for many of our members.

So how can we use events to stem our failing retention figures?

Our panel of membership experts will explore how we can use strategic events, and good meeting design principles, to help grow our membership.

Specifically we will focus on answers related to the following questions:

How can we use events better as membership recruitment tools?

Are member-only events a good or bad idea?

What meeting design tools can we use to help us win more members onsite?

What technology tools are available to help us?


Rob Eveleigh, Managing Director, Brightelm (Chair)

Rennie Shafer, CEO of Self Storage Association UK & FEDESSA

Remaining panel to be announced shortly

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